[Ohh~i, Ocha] Japanese beverage bottle comes with socks for your pet bottle

Japan matcha green tea

What my colleagues and friends outside of Japan tells me that they amazes the most about Japan is the quality of beverage cans and bottles.

It’s line up is surely amazing and continuously improving ingredients, nutrition, and flavors to win over competitors.

On other way of winning over competitors is a small goodies that they give away along with the beverages.


This bottled beverage is called “Ohh~i, Ocha”

ohhi ocha matcha green tea

“Ohh~i, Ocha”, means “Hey, bring me some tea!”, or “Hey, its tea time!”

“Ohh~i, Ocha” by Itoen is one of the longest hit Japanese tea brand in Japan. You can find it everywhere; convenience stores, supermarkets, vending machines, etc.

This “Ohh~i, Ocha” is not the standard kind, but has Matcha green tea powder in it. So it has stronger tea flavor than the regular one.

As I said, small goodies are one of the tactics to win over competitors.

matcha green tea

This is what’s inside.  This is not socks.

ohhi ocha green tea

It’s a socks for pet bottle.

socks for pet bottle

This socks for pet bottle is not just to decorate, but it absorbs water droplets of plastic bottles!  So it doesn’t leave water circle on your desk, or it doesn’t wet your important documents in your bag.

Oh My Cha rating 2.6

Tea flavor: [star rating=”2.0″] 2.0
Richness: [star rating=”2.0″] 2.0
Affordability: [star rating=”4.0″] 4.0

“Ohh~i, Ocha” series is one of the standard kind of Japanese tea pet bottle.  When you go to super market to buy Japanese tea, its the first choice to pick, but usually pick the ones with more rich tea flavor.

This one with Matcha green tea powder has much better tea flavor, but is not amazingly good that I repeat.

But I like this small goodie the socks for pet bottle!

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