[Handa-En tea shop] Quick beginner’s Matcha green tea lesson in Asagaya, Tokyo

My wife Osato and I got to go run some errands after work, and we somehow run into this nice Japanese tea shop, so we stopped by.

matcha green tea

This Japanese tea shop is “Handa-En (繁田園)” located at the south end of shopping arcade at Asagaya train station.

As soon as you step in the tea shop, you hear green tea roasting machine (or something sounds like that) running in the back of the store, and you can smell good green tea roasted flavor.

I think tea shop master was busy at the back of the store, so we didn’t get any greetings, but its all good and natural in old, nice, traditional shop like this one.


Quick beginner’s tea lesson by Japanese tea shop master

We looked around the store for a few minutes, but tea shop master must have been busy, so we were about to leave.  About then tea shop master showed up and apologized for not noticing us.

Tea shop master asked if we are interested in preparing Matcha green tea by ourselves for 200 yen.

Of course!

we said and tried out one hot and one cold.

Step 1: Add matcha green tea powder for two scoops by bamboo tea ladle (茶杓、chashaku)

Thanks tea shop master!

matcha green tea

Step 2: Added hot water

About this much.

matcha green tea

Step 3: Stir with bamboo whisk

We use bamboo whisk (茶筅、chasen) to stir hot water and the tea powder like when making whip cream.

Osato tried it but her stir was not strong enough, that water and powder was still separated.

matcha green tea

This is tea shop master whipping it.

And if you do it right, the matcha green tea will look like this milky look.

matcha green tea

Step 4: If you want ice matcha green tea, pour it in ice

Pour this matcha green in ice, and add some more mineral water, it becomes ice matcha green tea.

matcha green tea

Step 5: Enjoy your matcha green tea!!

This was a quick beginner class to have some matcha green tea experience, and these steps are not formal and traditional procedure or etiquette to prepare matcha green tea by any means.

The real authentic way of preparing matcha green tea consists of bows, pouring hot water by ladle, praise tea bowl,,, etc.

But this is a very good experience to get a feeling of Matcha green tea making process at low price.

And it tastes so good!! So I highly recommend.

Tips from tea shop master

matcha green tea

Tea shop master told us that matcha green tea is a tea that you eat. What he means by that is that matcha green tea is made by ground tea leaf it self.

When we drink tea, we usually brew tea bag, but for matcha green tea, we simply dissolve ground matcha green tea powder, so we are simply drinking (eating) tea leaf itself!!

No wonder matcha green tea is good for your health!

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