[Denny’s] Matcha green tea fair is way above family restaurant level, must repeat!

summer Japan furin

Japan’s hot and humid summer has officially kicked off from last weekend.  I mean it’s REALLY hot and humid, and I can’t imagine that it’s just got started.  It will continue going up until the end of August, and shall start to cool down after September.

In this weather, what’s only good is super cold beer, the kind that’s provided in a super cold glass, and of course Matcha green tea sweets.

As I said in the previous post, convenience store, or what we call as Conbini, is carrying Matcha green tea sweets, and their quality is getting better every year!



Family restaurant and Matcha green tea fair

matcha green tea dennys fair

Family restaurant industry is the same.  This is Denny’s and they carry “Matcha green tea fair” for the summer season.  They had this nicely designed Matcha green tea fair pop art signage outside.

matcha green tea dennys fair

This is their menu.  They all look so good!!

matcha green tea dennys fair

My wife Osato chose Matcha green tea ice cream sundae (399 yen, or 3.5 dollars), and I chose Matcha green tea omelette galette (449 yen, or 4 dollars).

matcha green tea dennys fair

This is Matcha green tea omelette galette.  It came with Kinako (roasted soybean flour) cream (left), matcha green tea ice cream (middle), and vanilla ice cream (right).

Oh my, this whole combination is well coordinated, and soooo good all together. This rich and a bit bitter matcha green tea (greener than any other kind that I have ever seen), together with omelette and sweat beans, with a light dip of a roasted Kinako cream flavor and vanilla ice cream… ummm so good!

matcha green tea dennys fair

This is ice cream sundae.

matcha green tea dennys fair

Look how green this matcha green tea is!!

This white round thing is called Shiratama (白玉), a type of mochi race cake made with glutinous rice flour.  It is similar to Warabi Mochi, Japanese traditional seasonal sweets, both are made to serve cold, and not lose soft and sticky texture, so it is good in summer season.

Please give it a try, Shiratama will bring your ice cream to the whole next level sweets!!

Oh My Cha rating 4.3

Tea flavor: [star rating=”4.0″] 4.0
Richness: [star rating=”4.0″] 4.0
Affordability: [star rating=”5.0″] 5.0

I was almost gonna give full score for Denny’s, but we just started Oh My Cha, so I kept tea flavor score and richness score at 4.0.   I hope I will meet other sweets that go over Denny’s some day!

Affordability score is at the max, this level quality sweets at 400 yen to 500 yen is unbelievable.  I will definitely come back.

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