[7-Eleven] Matcha Green Tea Warbi-mochi. I’m proud of Japanese convenience store!

oh my cha green tea

I am proud of the quality of foods and sweets we can get in Japanese convenience store, or we call it as “Conbini”.

We, Japanese, don’t have “vi” pronunciation, so “vi” sound converts into “bi” sound.  That’s why we get Con”Bi”ni, and not Con”Vi”ni.

  • 7 Eleven
  • Family Mart
  • Lawson

are 3 major Conbini brands in Japan, and their competition is very severe, as you can imagine.  Considering their growth plan, what they are focusing on recently is Conbini coffee and sweets.

In addition to their direct completion against each other and supermarkets, they are competing against coffee shops to further attract more customers.


What is Wrabi-mochi??

warabi mochi

Warabi-mochi (蕨餅) is a Japanese traditional summer sweets made from bracken starch, water, and sugar, covered in Kinako (toasted soybean flour).

It is usually served cold, and its jelly-like clear, but still sticky mochi-like texture, together with Kinako,,, is perfect sweets for hot and humid summer in Japan!

7 Eleven Warabi-mochi matcha green tea flavor

matcha green tea warabi mochi

This is special kind of warabi-mochi, covered by matcha green tea powder, filled with Matcha green tea cream, and brown sugar syrup!

Ummm, it looks so good on package.  It is available in 7 Eleven from last month, and always wanted to buy it, but my wife Osato didn’t allow me to, to control my diet!

But it’s all good now, because I have to write article for Oh My Cha!!  Sorry Osato!

warabi-mochi matcha green tea

This is how it looks inside.

Oh My Cha smily spoon

This is inside warabi-mochi, and Oh My Cha smily spoon.  Its not as beautiful as the package, but its filled with a lot of matcha green tea cream and brawn sugar syrup.

Oh My Cha rating 3.8

Tea flavor: [star rating=”3.5″] 3.5
Richness: [star rating=”4″] 4
Affordability: [star rating=”4″] 4

7 Eleven’s Matcha Green Tea Warbi-mochi was so much better than I expected!!  It’s jelly-like clear and cold warabi-mochi, together with matcha green tea powder, brown sugar syrup, AND matcha green tea cream makes perfect mix in your mouth!

I don’t know how long 7 Eleven will carry this product for, but when you get a chance to come Japan this summer, I highly recommend you to give it a try!!

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