[7-Eleven] Gateau matcha green tea chocolate goes perfect with Japanese green tea!

Matcha green tea is always served with sweets. In a traditional matcha green tea ceremony, green tea is served with sato gashi, or sugar sweets.

On the other hand, matcha green tea sweets, such as kakigoori (かき氷, shaved ice) or shiratama (白玉,a type of mochi race cake made with glutinous rice flour) is usually served with anko (あんこ, sweet red bean paste).

When it comes to cake or ice cream, matcha green tea sometimes team up with chocolate.


This 7-Eleven sweets, Gateau matcha green team chocolate

matcha green tea

Gateau matcha green team chocolate is one of those kinds.

matcha green tea

It’s green part is Gateau matcha green team chocolate, and its bottom part is Matcha green tea chocolate cream.

matcha green tea

That’s my teeth mark at the bottom!  But never mind.

Oh My Cha rating 2.7

Tea flavor: [star rating=”2.0″] 2.0
Richness: [star rating=”3.0″] 3.0
Affordability: [star rating=”3.0″] 3.0

It was very rich and good, but for me, it was too chocolate like flavor.  The chocolate flavor won over matcha green tea flavor, and I couldn’t enjoy matcha taste.

matcha green tea

I had this Gateau matcha green team chocolate with “Iemon green tea”, which is famous for its authentic Japanese tea taste, which is very close to the ones made from the tea pot.

Super sweet Gateau matcha green team chocolate was neutralized with cold Japanese green tea’s bitterness, and it was a perfect match!!

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